I have never had any idea what anyone does with a radish except add a few slices to a salad.

I knew they had a peppery kick and a nice crunch, other than that I did not know much about the poor root veggie and I do not think I am alone.

I went and bought some radishes thinking I would add them to my daily salad for a change, but sadly they just sat in the fridge looking at me begging me to do something, anything with them. I resisted because I was afraid.! I had not a single clue.

Soooo this morning I could not find my truck keys. ( I hope my hubby took them to work with him) no work for me today. I decided to have some radish fun!!! I am a huge fan of roasting stuff so I tossed those pretty babies in olive oil, black sea salt, fresh lemon juice, set the oven to 375,  roasted for about 20 minutes and prayed they would be yummy.

They were an amazing surprise, a totally tasty treat, and a I really want some more moment!!! Roasting the radishes gave them a nice delicate, earthy flavor and a kind of pop in your mouth sensation! They were so good and such a nice Yeees moment, yeah for me for always seeking something new!

 All Done!!!!!  
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I’m not sure why I have never consumed a lot of peas, but come to find out they are a pretty cool veggie even though technically they are considered a fruit because they contain seeds dang who knew! They are also perfectly round and so cute. They have a good texture if you treat them well(don’t over cook them) they really need almost zero cook time. They are a beautiful color, the flavor is super fresh and clean, they taste like spring to me.They are even tiny powerhouses of nutrition being a great source of vitamin k, c, b1, folate. So I say MORE PEAS PLEASE!!!!

This recipe is all about the lovely, humble pea.

You know me it’s got to be super simple yet full of flavor!

Red potatoes boiled or roasted with olive oil 

Frozen peas thawed if you cannot get fresh. To make the sauce take a cup of peas, veggie stock, salt, pepper, olive oil, blend in a blender or a ninja and toss with the warm potatoes, more peas and pink peppercorns. This is an awesome side dish embracing two food groups at once, life just got deliciously simple!

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Some days are lazy cooking days and some days your too busy to cook, but don’t use this as a reason to grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner.

This is quick, tasty, light yet satisfying at the same time.

Boil your salted water, add pasta, cook until aldente  drain, save 1/2 cup cooking liquid (this will help make the pasta creamy)toss in a couple handfuls baby kale and spinach.

In your ninja add your favorite fresh herbs, olive oil, salt, pepper, 1 garlic clove a bit of cooking liquid at a time until you like the consistency, toss with pasta and dinner is done!

Soooo good!!!

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May sound strange, but crunchy, green, under used snow peas are the super star tonight. This dish is full of flavor perfect for fall.

Farro is a really chewy, hearty grain that is an excellent substitute for brown rice with a nutty flavor.

You can use tofu for the protein or make our yummy chick pea chunks.

Teriyaki sauce

Soy sauce, water, rice vinegar, pineapple juice, garlic, ginger, honey, corn starch to help thicken

Put it all in a pot bring to boil let reduce until thickness you want

Toss your tofu or chickpea chunks in half to absorb the love

Quickly sauté snow peas add pineapple chunks, red pepper slices toss in the protein serve over the Farro or brown rice. Yummy and filling!

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So we have an intimate event at a wonderful friends home and guess what? The hubby and I get to be in charge of the food!

We are going to do a few simple Asian dishes why you ask, it’s easy on the budget, great for finger foods, beautiful and can be easily prepped ahead of time or gather a few helpers at the event for a hands on affair! My amazing, beautiful friend Shauna rocked it out in the kitchen, she was chopping and plating like a pro!

Veggie Dumplings


Wonton wrappers

Veggies of your choice minced with ginger, scallion add a bit to each wonton wet ends with water and seal

Season to taste

Cover to keep moist

Add oil to a pan or wok add a few wonton at a time to crisp bottom add a bit of water to steam set aside


We used almond butter, honey, thinned with rice wine vinegar added chilie paste if to thick keep thinning with water while simmering over stovetop
Coconut curry soup


Coconut milk, veggie broth, miso, ginger, red pepper strips, yellow pepper strips, chopped eggplant,  curry powder, garlic, season broth to taste let simmer

I serve with jasmine rice or buckwheat noodles, put in bottom of bowl I also add spinach and Bok Choy, the broth gets poured over and it will melt the veggies
And garnish. Remember you want all elements something soft, crunchy, crispy, tangy, sweet, you wanna tingle your mouth!!!

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I am sharing one of our most popular entertaining treats, can’t make these things fast enough! These salad bites are bursting with fun and flavor. I think people love them so much because they make your mouth super happy, you get sweet, salty, tangy, umami all at once.

It’s such an easy way to get non veggie eaters to eat their veggies!!!! In one bite on top of it all.

You can really use any veggies you like.
They are just too adorable.

I love grape tomatoes, naturally sweet, fresh basil, baby spinach, and colorful greens.

I get the mozzarella pearls, marinate them in olive oil, spices, lemon overnight to infuse them with flavor.

Pile all of his on a pick and drizzle with your favorite dressing. We like to make a simple balsamic vinaigrette.


I cannot think of to many things better than a nice bowl of veggies!! If you have a local farmers market check them out first and shop for you fav’s!

No farmers market, most groceries these days have a local ingredients section.

Add olive or coconut oil to a pan add the densest ones first season to your taste buds. We like pink hymalyian sea salt( lots of needed nutrients), fresh ground pepper, lemon juice, cayenne.

A super light refreshing lunch or dinner. And guess what?? Go crazy eat a ginormous bowl full and you will still feel happy, not all bloated and ready to sleep.

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It’s summer………..summer ……..time and we love our food light, fresh, but filling! Say what. How do we make that happen?

The humble potato is the filling part, the herbs and veggies from our garden are the light and fresh part! Put two and two together and you got a fun healthy dinner that will make everyone’s belly sing a happy song!

This is a fun one to get the kids involved( you know, the workhorse stuff)

Gnocchi simply means dumpling in Italian and really you can use any veggie cause the flour and egg or egg substitute as the binder, I like to add spices and herbs to the potato dough. I wanna try a beet gnocchi next!


Boil potatoes, mash, season how you like, add flour bit by bit, add an egg, create a soft ball, 

Cut into pieces and roll into ropes, cut into 1/2 in pieces drop into boiling water, done when floating about 4 minutes.


Lemongrass, olive oil, lemon, fresh basil, pink sea salt, touch pepper, blend in blender all to taste 

Toss with your favorite veggies.

Awesome!!!! Don’t forget presentation is everything, no ugly plates and defiantly no paper plates.

This fancy looking dish is so easy to make! I use wonton wrappers for the ravioli and a cookie cutter to cut the shape I want. All the herbs in this dish come from our garden!Yeah for us. The garden is the hubby’s baby and it looks amazing. We make our own vegan pesto to boot.

I filled my ravioli with chopped spinach and garlic.  I used water to bind edges and then cut out shape.

Our ZEN pesto

Blend in a blender

Oregano, basil,lime juice,garlic, vegan parmasean.  Sooo dang good.

Make it cute and serve with love!!!!

  I’m back with your favorite easy peasy yummy recipes!!! I promise you a new recipe each week! From savory to sweet we will cover it all.

Today we made yummy super easy to prepare vegan Enchailadas .


Fresh corn on cob

Organic black beans 

Chopped kale

Vegan cheese

Red onion chopped

Mix together fill you tortilla roll put side by side in a pan

For sauce

Adobo peppers and their liquid, tomato sauce to thicken, olive oil

Fresh garlic lemon juice sea salt pepper

Blend all together pour over enchiladas sprinkle with cheese bake 20 min garnish and enjoy!!! I used chopped cucumber and onion for crunch and freshness.

You are done!!!!

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